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Caffeinated Series: Home Brewed Coffee Room & Linen Fragrance


Introducing our new collection of Room & Linen Fragrance: The Caffeinated Series.

Enjoy the aroma of coffee in your bedroom, study and living room areas.

Choose your own custom brew with our coffee scented rooms sprays. We have five options to choose from:

The Original Blend is your classic brewed coffee scent.

We got your Vanilla Latte, a coffee blend with a hint of milk and vanilla fragrance oils.

If you want a bit of chocolate in your coffee room & linen fragrance, we have Caffe Mocha.

For some cozy Christmas feels, you will love our Peppermint coffee blend.

And lastly, for that extra spice, nutty and earthy flavorwe have our coffee with Cinnamon blend.

All room & linen fragrances come in 120ml. 

Bring yourselves back to your favourite cafes with these room & linen fragrances. 



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