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Body Fragrances Sampler Set


Want a whiff of our complete collection of Sparrow body fragrances? We now offer a sampler set of 14 vials of our bestselling, both classic and new blends. With this set, you can try a scent per day and find a perfect match for you. Join us on a 14-day scent journey with Sparrow. Here is what's included in the sampler set:

1 Summer Solstice | Grapefruit and Green Tea

2 Winter Solstice | Jasmine, White Tea and Sandalwood

3 Autumn Sky | Fig, Jasmine, Vanilla and Sandalwood

4 Solstice | Freshly Cut Grass and Grapefruit

5 Mimosa | Rose, Satsuma, Orange and Sandalwood

6 Cosmopolitan | Berries with a splash of citrus and Lily

7 Afternoon Tea | Bergamot, Earl Grey and Green Tea

8 Lullaby | Bergamot and Lavender

9 Snow | Baby Powder and Green Tea

10 Waves | Sea Salt, Vanilla, Coconut and Lime

11 Sunshine | Lavender and Chamomile

12 Verbena | Verbena, Lemon and Orange Blossom

13 Sugar | Vanilla and Almond

14 Vanilla | Warm Sugar and Vanilla




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