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Aroma Diffuser Collection - A Collaboration with Plorera


This collection was only made possible with our friends from Plorera who we teamed up with for this aroma diffuser set which is a great gift for that special someone, your loved ones or for yourselves.

Each set comes with a 125ml refill bottle of our bestselling aroma diffusers. A choice between Nest, a calming blend of lavender and green tea, and Paradise, an uplifting citrus scent with grapefruit and eucalyptus oils.

This collection will not only bring that signature Sparrow scent to your homes but will also brighten up your favorite little nook with Plorera's mini bouquet of dried flowers.  The collection has three beautiful choices for the mini bouquet namely Daphne, Eloise and Penelope.

Set includes the following: (1) 125 ml aroma diffuser refill of your choice; (2) a set of 6 reed sticks; (3) a mini bouquet of your choice; (4) a mini vase to hold the flowers, reed sticks and aroma diffuser oil; (5) a gift bag to hold them all together. Perfect for gift giving.

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