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Notes from the Sparrow's Nose

Notes from the Sparrow's Nose

This is going to be my first blog ever so please bear with me as I get used to sharing my thoughts and experiences.

Since this is a fragrance site, my first entry will be about my favorite childhood scent memories.

They say that fragrance can bring back memories which holds true for me. The smell of French lavender reminds me of Martryoshka doll shaped fragrance pillows I received from my aunt as a souvenir from her travels.  I loved them so much that I would put them by my bedside as I found the scent very comforting.  Another childhood memory is that of my mom telling me that it would take a thousand flowers to make an ounce of Joy by Jean Patou making it very expensive.  And because my mom also told me that floral scents enhance memory, I would sneak and dab her Joy perfume on cotton pads and insert them in my school books.  I guess it worked because I have relatively good memory.  I also remember my mom saying that perfume was a home remedy for toothache. She would dab perfume on cotton balls which my siblings and I would bite with the affected teeth. I can’t remember if it did relieve our toothache but perhaps either the strong scent or the alcohol content numbed the pain. I wonder if other people did this too. I also recall my sister reading about rosemary essential oil (EO) as a powerful memory enhancer.  There were not many places then that sold EOs so when The Body Shop opened in Manila in the late 90s, we would use our highschool lunch money to buy rosemary EO which we would rub on our temples while studying.

I did not know the term aromatherapy when I was younger but from experience as early as then I already had an idea that perfumes and fragrances had more uses other than making you smell good.

What are your favorite scent memories?


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